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Today I discovered your little secret, but also my son's! You like your mother's breasts, I always see you from them when we go to the pool, but I must admit that WOW you have a much bigger cock than your father's which makes me not to overlook and i will not argue with you when I I always realize that you SPY when I take a shower, or I change to start a new day ... you will surely make a stroke when I fuck with your father because I'm noisy: D! Now I know what it's about, I'll be more careful with you, I wouldn't want you to be ashamed when you have a beautiful girl with big breasts like mine in front of you! Now go i have to finish getting ready for the day and maybe next time if i catch you spying we can do some more !!! Your Step - Mommy Loves You .. so i will take care of you !!

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